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Using Plagiarism Checker to Correct Misconceptions About Multiple Sourcing

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Using Plagiarism Checker to Correct Misconceptions About Multiple Sourcing

In almost any written work you need to accomplish, you have to make use of multiple sources that you want to borrow information and ideas from. However, in doing so, you should still take into account several writing guidelines that would help you prevent committing plagiarism, particularly patchwork or mosaic plagiarism. A lot of people use the plagiarism checker tool to avoid plagiarism while borrowing ideas from multiple sources. This article will teach you how to do that as well as correcting the common misconceptions about multiple sourcing.

Multiple Direct Quotations

If you want to borrow information from multiple sources, you should avoid direct quoting all of them just like what a lot of people do. Making your paper full of direct quotations would lessen the uniqueness of your paper. Thus, you should also try to make use of other writing tools like paraphrasing and precis writing as a substitute for direct quoting in order to improve the quality of your paper. You can determine the level of originality of your paper by using the plagiarism checker tool.

Appropriate Citations

Most people think that once they have mentioned or cited an author into one part of their paper, they can proceed to borrowing information from those authors without repeating the citations. However, this is wrong. You should always cite any borrowed information even if the same author is being repeated on the citations. This will help you prevent committing accidental plagiarism. Again, you can assess the originality of your paper with the plagiarism checker tool.

Incorporation of Original Information

Another common misconception about multiple sourcing is the use of several multiple sources and forgetting to incorporate one’s own arguments and opinions. This is so wrong. In the first place, you are writing to learn something and to express your own thoughts and not just to patch up information you obtain from multiple sources.

Now, you know the misconceptions about multiple sourcing, you can now avoid them. You can do this better since you can make use of the tool called the plagiarism checker tool.

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