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How To Make $1000 on Fiverr 100% Working & Real Strategies

How To Make $1000 on Fiverr 100% Working & Real Strategies

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Make $1000 on Fiverr

$1000 on Fiverr

Here are some Points which I am going to cover in Details with Examples and By following them you will also be able to make more than 1000$ per month on Fiverr every Month

  1. One Account for One Skill
    2. Choosing the Best Username (which will helps you in Ranking your Gig higher)
    3. Searching
    4. Creating a Perfect gig
    5. Take Full advantage of your Seller Level
    6. Make full use of Buyer Request to get Some Impression and clicks May convert to Orders also
    7. Divide and Rule
    8. Bonus Trick which can be very useful to earn even more than $2000

The first question which comes in each and everyone mind is that how a boy who is bare earns 100-150$ monthly generates a huge amount of money (1000$) from last 3 months, So don’t worry I am going to reveal the system right in front of you by following this system I can assure you that you will be able to do the same, Its not hard to follow its only one time effort Yes you listen it right Only one time effort and straight after than your average monthly income will be double triple and so on…..

If you are working on Fiverr or not this is a system for each and every one of you….

Everyone knows that Fiverr is a skill based community where a seller sells its services based on his/her skills like ( Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Video and Animation, Writing and Translation and so many)…Fiverr is the best platform for the freelancers because it is user-friendly and easy to understand. If you have any skill, Yes ANY skill like if you can dance, You can Earn, If you can Sign you Can earn) By Earn I mean you can Make more than 1000$ from Fiverr on Monthly Basis

So, As we all know that Fiverr is skill Based Community, Here comes my first tip which will lead you towards 1000$ Monthly,

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$1000 on Fiverr


And the TIP is ” ONLY SELL ONE SKILL ON ONE FIVERR ACCOUNT” Don’t Mix it up at all, For-example if you have Multitalented Person and you have more than skills than making One Separate Account for Each Skill like you are Graphic designer and also an Article writer But you also have a good grip on SEO than You should make a 3 accounts for One for Each Skill, But keep it in your mind that only make one account on one IP, Computer…Don’t make more than one account on same internet and computer.



Now we move on Selecting the Username for the fiverr…..

While Creating an Account on Fiverr You need a Username, This is a Tricky part of the Game But if you choose the Name According to your Selling Skill it will help you a lot in Future to Increase your Sales.

Example How to Choose the Best Username for Fiverr….

Let’s assume that you are a Graphic Designer and you Designs the Logos then what should be the Name of your Fiverr Account….?

It should be Something Like that, CREATIVE LOGOS, ELEGANT LOGOS, CLEAN LOGOS, Same for the other like if you are not only the logo designer but also designs the Landing Pages, App icons, Favicon Everything which comes under the Graphic Designing Niche than your USERNAME must be like ” GRAPHIC MASTER, MONSTER DESIGNS, YOUR NAME with the word Creation Can be a Good one too.

So which thing you need to keep in mind while choosing the Username is that your Username Must Reflect your Skill.

  1. SEARCHING: (The most important part of my Strategy)

Before Creating the Gig you have to Do a “PROPER SEARCHING” and It will cover why I said it’s one-time Effort to hit 1000$ on Fiverr on consistent Basis,

The Main Question which you comes in your Mind that what you have to Search and Why We have to Search

So What we have to search to Create a Perfect Gig which can give more sale as well as can be Ranked Higher on the Search terms, Keep it in mind that your Sales depends on your Gig if you create a perfect gig than there will be no doubt that you are going to make more Dollars and on Consistent basis from Fiverr

Here is the Answer, I am taking an Example of Graphic Designer, Why I am taking the Example of Graphic Designer because it is most selling skill on Fiverr Platform.

Here is my Searching Formula which I am going to reveal in Front of you Guys

Let’s Assume that you are a Buyer and you are a looking for a Vintage logo for your company, What will you Do? You will go on Fiverr search bar and write the vintage logo, Here comes the trick in place which i already reveal to you in choosing the username, if your username includes the word Logo or Vintage Fiverr will give you bit edge over the other user and show your gig a bit higher, I am not saying that your gig will be shown on the first page first line, Because Fiverr has to calculate some other things also.

Coming Back to the Point of Searching which will lead you Create a Perfect Gig according to your Skill

You are a logo designer and you have to create a gig

First, write the Sub Niches of your Skills I am taking an Example of a Logo designers

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Here are the Sub Niches of our Example

  1. Modern logo (Classic, Luxury, Versatile)
    2. Vintage logo (Badge, Retro, Hipster,)
    3. Signature logo (calligraphy, Typography, Brush logo)
    4. Flat logo (Minimalistic)
    5. 3d logo
    6. Mascot logo (Cartoon, Sports)
    7. Hand Drawn (Watercolour)

Now after writing the Sub niches Search each of them One By One on Fiverr Search Bar and write how many sellers are there which are also working on the same sub niche of Logo Designing

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$1000 on Fiverr

Here in this Screen shot you can see that in Modern logo 3948 gigs are there but when I search for Classic Logo term only 399 gigs are there here is the screen shot of that and when I search for a Luxury logo 648 gigs are there and for the versatile logo, only 179 gigs are there…So when you are going to make a gig which keywords you are going to target……? It’s so easy now always target those in which there are fewer gigs, If I have to create a gig than I will go to target Classic, Luxury, Versatile logos more than Modern logos by doing this I am going to get more Impression, clicks, and when you get more impression and clicks there are more chances that you are going to get more orders..

Vintage logo=2998, Badge logo=731, Retro Logo=1820, Hipster logo=443, So which terms are you going to Target while creating your Gig….?

You can do Search for any niche according to your skill in this pattern and it will lead to creating a perfect gig which is obviously going to give you more sales than the Gig which you create without doing any Research.

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Now we Move towards our next Step and it is “How can you create a Perfect Gig for Based on your Searching”

Again taking the Same Example of Logo Designer and of which we have done some Searching in our above section,

Please keep it in your mind Fiverr gig Based upon 3 things which are

  1. Title
    2. Description
    3. Tags

According to Fiverr, They say that Make a Title of your Gig as Small as possible, But we are totally going to ignore this line, Because I have done this and found that This is not 100% Right at all. But I should say that it is 100% wrong……

So what will be the title of your gig which gives you more sales…? Any Idea…?

We are going to use Those terms which have less seller but more buyers according to our Skills, As in Example our skill is logo Designer, So the title is going to be based on our Searching.

Here is the Title of Our gig:

I will design Versatile, Classic, Luxury, and Modern Logo for you.

While Creating a title of your gig keep it in your mind that you use the terms in Ascending Order like versatile logo term has 179 gigs and Modern logo has more than 3500 Gigs,

Now in Description Don’t Forget to use all of your terms which you use in your Title it will help you more to Rank higher and more Buyer is going to see your gig.

Now it’s time for Selecting the Tags, Fiverr only allows you to choose 5 tags and we are going to apply the same Strategy here we are going to use Same terms which we used in our Title, So what will be our Tags….? Versatile, Classic, Luxury, Modern and logo…try to use your skill word in Tags also It will lead you toward more sales…

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There are 4 seller level on Fiverr

  1. New Sellers
    2. Level One Seller
    3. Level Two Sellers
    4. Top Rated Sellers

When you join the Fiverr for the first time you are called as New Sellers, How can you take Advantage of this…?You are allowed to create 7 gigs, Take full advantage while using my strategy and make 7 gigs, Don’t forget to search while creating a new gig…

When you complete 10 orders with the good rating with in the first month Fiverr upgrades your level to level one sellers and you will able to create more gigs 15 gigs are allowed in this level, Don’t forget to make 15 gigs. It will help you a lot.

After completing 50 orders in two months with 4.5stars rating you will be upgraded to Level two Sellers, 50 orders in two months is not a big deal at all if you follow my pattern I can bet you are going to complete 50 order in less than 1 month as my younger Brother does and is completes 38 orders in the first month and 85 orders in the upcoming month by just following my pattern….when your level is upgraded to level two seller don’t forget to create 25 gigs…Just imagine when you have 25 well-optimized gigs what going to happens…I can bet 1000$ is not a big deal at all

And the last but not the least Top Rated Sellers, Promotion to Top Rated Seller (TRS) status is a manual selection process performed by the Fiverr Editorial team, based on a number of criteria. Fiverr Manually Pick them. And they are known to be the Gems of the Fiverr, ONCE you get that which is not impossible then there is no stopping and you can make 10000$ per month easily, You may need to outsource your work but when you get $$$$$ everything is possible

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I hate this part, But if you have to get some success on a review based community than you need some Reviews on your profile, So Fiverr Does help you in this regard, Once you logged in, place your mouse over your username and click Selling > Buyer Requests, Here are some Request posted by Buyers, Read them carefully and if you think that you are able to do that than send him/her a proper Offer, Keep it in your mind that Communication does matter in this Step, If you will be able to communicate properly then you are going to get the order, On daily basis Fiverr allows you to send 10 offers, Never forget to use them, Once you get some reviews on your profile, you are going to get order automatically…ON my younger brother account I have just used this feature for 10 days only and after that I never opened this option because his gigs are having that edge which others are missing, he was getting more clicks, Impression than the others and Clicks and Impression leads towards orders and More Orders means More $$$$$$$$$$…..

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What are Divide and Rule? Any Idea..? No? Don’t worry I am going to explain what is this and how it can be beneficial for you to make some extra bucks in future…..

Divide and Rule means that when someone comes in your Inbox and says that I am interested in your gig, I have a company and I need this from you for my company, Simply Thanks him/her first and then politely Asks that what is your budget? Sometimes it happens that buyer wants to communicate and want to know that you are capable of doing their job….If they replied that their budget is 100$ then simply divide that order in to three or four small parts what will be happen that you will get more reviews while doing this, Don’t forget when you offer this kind of stuff give some discount to your buyer ask them that you will be able to do this for 90$ and you will send custom offers of 30$ each, it will help you in the process of upgrading your Seller level….While sending custom offer to your buyer please keep it in your mind that send it from

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Here comes my Bonus Trick which may leads you to 2000$, And it’s all about Creating gigs, When you join the Fiverr you are allowed to create 7 gigs, So you should make these 7 gigs after doing some searching and keep it in mind publish your 7 gigs at the same time, Or I should say that create your 7 gigs at the very same time, How you are going to do that, So here is the Method…Open Create new gig tab in 7 new tabs put all the information there one by one on each tab, Do it step by step on each gig and when you are about to publish the gig make sure all your other gigs are also ready to publish and by doing this you are going to publish 7 gigs in one minute and it can lead you to more $$$$. After creating the gig just wait 1 days for the order, In these two days don’t forget to send custom offer make full use of buyer request, if you get orders on only 4 gigs than delete your other 3 gigs and then repeat the step make these 3 gigs again after a gap of 1 day, It can really Enhance your Sales and you are going to make good Money from Fiverr…..

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