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Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Fast [Working Methods] 2017

There is the big problem for every blogger to increase traffic for their blog I have searched for these methods for 1 year but unfortunately, many websites are guiding fake traffic methods very low amount of sites is guiding honest methods.

How to Increase Traffic?

Are you searching to Increase traffic? Don’t worry now you came at right place I have 100% working methods which can increase your traffic in days my own applied method is that you can increase website traffic in days.

1- Quality Content

Quality Content doesn’t mean to write long content more than 2000 words or 3000 words quality content means that your content must be in English Language and should be accurate grammar and English should be easy every person can understand try to write more than 700 words on every post duplicate content and copy content can down your website ranking.

2- Quality Back-links

If your backlinks are not indexing you are not making quality backlinks Google Penguin didn’t index bad backlinks some time it spams our website so be aware of that when you try going to make backlinks check that is your backlinks are Google Penguin Safe?

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3-Ezine Articles

Ezine Article is very good and famous way to get quality backlinks and visitors to your blog Simple sign up on Ezine Articles and submit free articles ( without backlinks ) after submitting some free articles submit a new article with backlinks.

4-Replying Comments & Emails

Never ignore any email and comment on your blog reply all the comments one by one and emails that will help you to increase visitors


Make twitter account for your website and follow experts and comment on their tweets try to make relation that they can retweet you and your account get famous as well as your site.

6- Increase facebook Followers

Make different ID’s and post share your page to increase your facebook followers Use free sharing site like ADDMEFAST and increase your website post shares.

7- Add Alexa Toolbar

Add Alexa toolbar to your browser it will increase your Alexa rank. Encourage your visitors to install Alexa toolbar to increase your Alexa rank.

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8- Upload Videos & Add in Article

Upload videos related to your niche and add your post link in description video viewers will also visit your blog and add videos in your article your content will get good ranking.Don’t forget to add watermark in your videos. Add annotation and give it the link of your web page.

9- Email List

Build an email list and send all new posts notifications to these emails your website will increase visitors.

10-Give Away

Write Long article minimum 1000words decorate and give away by visitors subscribe your email list you will get the email list and send the new posts to these emails.

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