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How to Increase Alexa Rank fast [Top Secrets Tricks 2017]

How to increase Alexa rank was a problem for me I search on it a lot I got different types of fake tricks I try fake tricks as websites told but didn’t get any benefit. I will be happy to share my personal experience with you to increase Alexa rank very fast.

how to increase alexa rank

How to Increase Alexa?

The first thing I want to tell you which Alexa is rank is higher and which is lower if any website has 10Million rank you have 10k Alexa rank you have good Alexa rank then 10 million and if you got 5k Alexa then you better than 10k Alexa.

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Second thing I want to inform you that your quality backlinks, quality content and unique content will not improve your Alexa rank

If your Alexa is poor don’t worry I have quick trick to improve Alexa rank very fast

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is the measurement of traffic on any blog or website as compare to other blogs if a website has 1 Alexa it means the website has a large number of visitors on it like Google.It doesn’t tell us traffic it only tells us ranking in which ranking websites exists new

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Alexa Ranking:

Most of the bloggers which have Alexa toolbar in their browser they try to get traffic from them Alexa Measure only they try to get traffic by Alexa Rank if any person which has installed Alexa toolbar visit your website will increase your Alexa rank it can be measured as if 1000 person has installed Alexa toolbar visit website and this website will get increase Alexa rank by 50000 if you need Alexa rank below 10000 you need 1000 visitors per day.

Add Alexa Stats to your blog

Add Alexa stats to your blog and add your Alexa link on it user click on it and view your site by Alexa that will help you to Improve ranking.

ToolBar by Users

Encourage your visitors to install Alexa Toolbar their browser that can increase Alexa rank when many people will visit your site who installed the toolbar.

Traffic by MebMasters

Most of the webmasters or bloggers have installed Alexa master to check their competitors rank and compare with their blog that’s why webmasters/bloggers visits can improve your Alexa Ranking.

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Increase by Cafe Trick

Go to the nearby internet cafe and ask him to install Alexa toolbar on systems and set your web page as the home page may you should pay him money on monthly basis it depends on how you deal and how you are his dear.

Regular Visitors

Bring some regular visitors they can be your friends family members they must installed Alexa toolbar in their browsers visit your blog on daily basis.

Install Toolbar

Encourage visitors by placing links with click here to install Alexa Toolbar they once they install and then they visit your blog your blog will increase Alexa ranking.

How to make 100+ quality backlinks in just one hour

Increase by AlexaMaster

AlexaMaster_com provides some free points you can use to drive Alexa Traffic to your website that can help to increase in Alexa Ranking very as shown in pictures you can see free points I can use to get free hits.

Increase by Alexasurfing

By using alexasurfing_com you can get free 100 hits which you can use for your website and increase your Alexa fast.

Sign up on it get free hits and increase your Alexa Ranking today.

Remove your ADSENSE or any other company you using for Advertisement. Otherwise, you will get banned by Adsense or another company.

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Ahmed ali

Hey sir a nice written one recently . I have installed alexa tool bar also added the post How to install it on android phones. Then I have rapidly got ranked my website almost 2 millions increase in two days ….
Can You please tell me if we show the alexa rank widget in our websites. Will it increase rank or not ….

Muhammad Shehroz

NO it will not increase my personal experience is that


Awesome article, I am looking on internet for this kind of article, finally found it here.. thanks alot. keep sharing.

Muhammad Shehroz

Thanks for your feedback

Raheel Raziq

Thoroughly written!! Definitely going to try some of these tips. will share the result soon


I am not getting improvements with these tips.Can anyone suggest any other tips to improve alexa rank? Thank you..!

Shehroz Naeem

Try to increase social sharing