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Top 5 Tricks to Get High Quality Backlinks 100% Real 2017

Backlinks are very necessary for your site to rank top on google. But there are many factors about doing real SEO. SEO is not much easy it need time & effort both many people leave the online field because of they can’t do SEO. There are many different ways to get backlinks but I will show you only real and working ways to get high-quality backlinks that can rank your site.

How to Getting High Quality-Backlinks

There are many sites which are only ranked with backlinks every site which goes on top 60% depends on backlinks therefore it is very necessary for your site to build high-quality backlinks you need effort to there are many sites which can improve your site ranking you have to make only account on it and post your site on it and it gives you powerful backlinks. Some social sites also improve your site traffic and provide strong backlinks. Sometimes you need many backlinks to rank high competition to beat any competitors and social backlinks help a lot in that way to improve backlinks. To get high-quality backlinks search your related topic website and get backlinks.

How to Get Backlinks from Social Sites

It is very easy way to get backlinks from social sites there are many social sites make an account on it and pastes your link on the site for example facebook twitter here you can make the page or any profile and paste your link here.

How to Get Backlinks from Blogger WordPress Etc

It is very easy way to get backlinks from blogger and WordPress only login into free platform wordpress_com or blogger_com or make new account on it and make new blog free and write some articles on it index to webmaster tools and paste your link into articles this is very simple and most useable method sometimes your second site also got rank which you are using for backlinks.

How to Get backlinks from Wikipedia

Get backlinks from Wikipedia search dead links on Wikipedia related to your article and edit link and paste your own link here but be careful if your link is not related to this post-Wikipedia will remove your link, therefore, be careful in getting backlinks from Wikipedia.

How to get Backlinks by Guest Posting

For getting backlinks from guests posting you have to write article for another site there are many highly top sites which allows you to post article on their site and put your site link on some words for example I have put backlink at last of article “RELATED POST” after related post I have paste my own site backlink may you will visit my that post if you like my posts and I will get backlink from my own site same as like this you write article for other sites and get backlinks from that sites some sites which are highly ranked provide paid guest post. It depends on Domain Authority and Page Authority.

How to Get Backlinks by Blog Commenting

Another Method of getting backlinks is Blog Commenting search sites related to your site Niche or topic and get backlinks from by commenting on that you can comment your site if website allows you to paste link there are hundred of sites which are allowing link in comments it depends on you how you search sites of your niche and make backlinks.


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my comment is first on you article, because i read you article, and find it is more beneficial. Thank you

Muhammad Shehroz

Thankyou very much


Thank-you very much


Thanks for sharing the valuable information….


Thanks for sharing the valuable information…


good post.


Really nice article that you have to write i really appriciat your work keep it up


Thanks for sharing

Ya.. I also want good back links for my Government Job in India website , some how I do not understand where to find good do follow sites.

Rajinder Verma

First of all very useful resource SEO. You have mentioned that you can get backlink from guest posting…..i wan to ask… How to approach a blogger in you niche to guest post your blog? how you deal with it sir?

Muhammad Shehroz

Thanks, You can contact us via email [email protected]

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thanks for sharing,nice info.

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Nice Article, but what is the benefit of backlink from blog commenting because they are nofollow?