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What is Google Penguin? Don’t build backlinks untill you study it

In some past years backlinks building was very easy to built backlinks anywhere you want there was no fear of penalized by google but after Google, Penguin backlinks building is the bit difficult.

We will study

What is Google Penguin?

How does Google Penguin Algorithm work?

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is algorithm which detects spam backlinks and investigates and take decisions accordingly if backlinks are good it will index it and if your backlinks are poor it will not index and sometime send your whole site to spam team for more investigation may your site rankout of google by spam team.

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How does Google Penguin Algorithm work?

Google Pengiun Check Backlinks from A to Z one by one If you are taking backlinks which are spam sites it will send your report to spam team and they send you notification in google webmaster tools your website has been hit by a manual penalty. Penalty may result in de-index whole site or down rankingGoogle spam team send you recomondation to remove spam backlinks according to given instruction if you did that Google spam team will remove your site from ban.

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