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Good Hosting Impacts on your Website ? [ Must Read Before Buying ]

To make a good site it is necessary to choose good web hosting provider which can provide you benefits for your website or blog.

Good Hosting Impacts

1- Uptime:

There are a lot of hosting provider which offers very cheap price to host any site and but a lot of problems are there server up time is actually for how much time server is active if your hosting provider server time should be 99.9 & up time. It means it stays active 99.9%. Some cheap hosting provider didn’t mention uptime it is very necessary while purchasing hosting.


Bandwidth is the most important part for your website actually bandwidth how much traffic your website can tolerate. If you choose a hosting which can tolerate only 15k-20k your site will be gone off after getting more traffic. A lot of my friend was using cheap hosting provider and after getting traffic their hosting shuts. I recommend buying hosting with good bandwidth better to buy unlimited bandwidth.

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Before buying hosting you should know server you are buying have good RAM, Processor and shared hosting didn’t give full access you should care about that. If your server is good your site will load faster and never shuts down.

4-Customer Support:

Customer support of many hosting companies is very poor. You should look and select good customer support hosting provider. It is very important for newbies. If the customer support is not good once you face a problem you will get a lot of difficulties to solve the problem but if customer support is good they will guide.


Nowadays hackers are hacking a lot of servers every day it is important to be secure your site. Before buying hosting check hosting companies providing you security and search on the internet about hosting companies which hosting companies are still secure and then buy hosting.

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