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Email Scraper free download Latest

Email Scraper – Build Massive Email Lists Without Proxies For Free

Email Scraper free download

What is an Email Scraper?

Email scraper allows you to crawl niche related websites it generates through Bing based on your search terms for email addresses. It allows you to generate massive email lists without the need for proxies. How you use these email lists is up to you. However, as it is illegal to email scraped/harvested emails under the CAN-SPAM act I would strongly encourage you to use these lists for targeting users on advertising platforms such as Facebook who allow you to load in an email list and target users based on their email address.

How Email Scraper works

If you own a bodybuilding forum and you want to find the email addresses of other people who might be interested in bodybuilding you would simply enter something like “bodybuilding forum” into the Email Scraper it will then search the Bing search engine for websites related to “bodybuilding forum”. Once it has a list of these websites it will crawl each page on each of these websites for any email addresses it can find.

Why should I use Email Scraper?

Email Scraper allows you to build huge email lists without the need for proxies like a lot of other email scraping software. You can then target people by email address on advertising platforms that you may not typically reach if they haven’t shown an interest in that niche while using that platform/social network.


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