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Download Easy Amazon – Find zero competition Amazon keywords for free

Easy Amazon

What is Easy Amazon?

Easy Amazon allows you to find items and products sold on Amazon that have zero review competition on Google. If you are a member of the Amazon affiliate program this tool can seriously boost your traffic and commissions.

How does Easy Amazon work?

Once you enter your Amazon category Easy Amazon will crawl each page scraping all the items and products. For every item, it will check if people are searching for reviews on Google using the Google Suggest API. If people are searching for reviews for the chosen product/item then easy Amazon will send the search query of “product name + review”. For each result that is returned for this search query Easy Amazon checks if they are promoting Amazon products. This allows you to find products and items that have literally zero competition on Google for item/product reviews.

Why should I use Easy Amazon?

Easy Amazon can save you literally hours, even days of Amazon product/item keyword research. How many times have you seen a great item in your niche you’d like to review only to see that Google is stuffed full of highly targeted results for reviews for that item/product.

What does Easy Amazon look like

Watch Easy Amazon in action / Tutorial


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