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Content Creator Free Download Latest Version 100% Free

Content Creator

What is Content, Creator?

Content Creator is a 100% free software tool that will search Google for your keyword and download all related content from Google’s results for that keyword. You can then use this content in a Blackhat or Whitehat way. The Blackhat way will spin the content and shuffles all sentences allowing you to use this unique spun content in your links to your money website. The Whitehat way is an option to bring back all the h1 and h2 tags, the result of this is a list of all the topics that the top 100 articles for that keyword have covered.

How does it work?

Content Creator scrapes the top 100 results from Google for your keyword then extracts all p tag contents and h2/h2 tags. Content and topic headings are then generated from this.

Why should I use it?

Content Creator aims to help both Whitehat and Blackhat SEO by kick-starting their article creation process. Either by generating the whole article for them (spun and shuffled) or grabbing all the headers (h1/h2) from the competition (top 100 results on Google) to give them as many content ideas as possible.

Content Creator Free Download

Content Creator Free Download


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