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Clean Master Pro Apk for Android Full Version Latest

Clean Master Pro Apk

Clean Master Pro 2018 is a premium android application which removes junk files and boosts memory of aandroid phone.

Download Clean Master Pro APK & enjoy premium features.
Daily use of Clean Master Pro 2018 can boost your android-device up to 90%.

Clean Master  APK Pro 2018 is very easy to use, It can remove hidden junk files with just one touch.

Clean Master APK Pro 2018 also helps in increasing your phone battery life by uninstalling unwanted applications and closing background applications.

Clean Master APK Pro Clean & Boost – RAM Boost & Clean

1. RAM Boost

By killing useless tasks, boosting your phone and RAM, make room for memory (RAM). Our powerful boost engine can speed-up android devices by 90%.

2. Junk Files and Cache clean

Our abundant Junk database contains many Apps. By removing cache and residual files that can reclaim storage, boost RAM and improve the performance of your device. Let your phone clear again.

3. App management

No longer troubling by deleting or removing your large number of your Apps, Clean Master APK Pro Clean & Boost helps you locate your Apps exactly and manage or remove Apps.

4. System detail

Clean Master Pro Clean & Boost calculates CPU, battery and RAM information. You can recognize the system information from Smart Clean feature and figure out if there is something wrong with your devices. Clean Master APK Pro Clean & Boost

Speed up your Android

Clean Master Pro Apk

Price: Free

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