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Android Game Development Course Free Download

Android Game Development Course

In Android Game Development Course you will learn how to develop an android game with ANDEngine. In just a few hours, you will create your very own Android game with step-by-step instructions and even publish it!


  • Having basic programming knowledge, ideally, in Java, is recommended, but not absolutely needed.
  • An Android-based Smartphone
  • Other than that, you need absolutely nothing!

You probably want to develop a game – maybe even your first. I was in the exact same situation just two years ago – I created a few simple games already, but nothing fancy. Then I started developing for Android, with the goal to eventually publish it. But that was way harder than I expected it to be!

My first game took about 200 hours of work, even though I already knew Java! My second game even took 300 hours, but it was technically much more advanced. Now I want to help others starting Android game development with less pain and frustration than I had, which is why I created this course. I planned to reduce my 200 hours to just 20 hours of work for you – but because of my experience and a lot of trial and error, I could push that number even further. Now you will have a finished (but expandable!) game within just 2 hours!

Android Game Development

A part of why learning AndEngine is so slow is the lack of good tutorials. You’ll have a hard time finding a tutorial that really walks you through everything. And even if you find a good tutorial, it is probably outdated or not for your version of AndEngine…

The game you will create is a simple space-invader-like arcade game – but you can choose how it looks like! I have included a set of graphical assets that you can choose from to make the game really yours. (of course, you can also use your own graphics if you have some)


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